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Put your personal ID info inside your bags. Outside tags are easily ripped off. Placing identifying info inside your luggage can ensure that it is returned to you in the event it becomes separated from the luggage tag.

Our explorations start at Braunton Burrows, the UK's largest dune system and home to nearly 500 species of wildflower Born in 1895, Williamson served in the trenches during the first world war. It was an ordeal from which he never recovered. Tormented by the horrors hed experienced, he sought solace and refuge in this wild and lonely place and, in the village of Georgeham, began his writing life. Day and night he walked the nearby cliffs and beaches or the high moors drained by the rivers Taw and Torridge. He covered hundreds of miles, often barefoot, slept outdoors and crawled on hands and knees among the tree roots and reeds of the riverbanks. Eventually, his empathy with this landscape and its wild residents was total. But putting the otters-eye view into words was no easy task.

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