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Where's the humor? How 'bout some childhood pictures and yearbooks from junior and senior high school? There are no interactive displays of the sort that are commonplace at modern music museums. By contrast, at Graceland you see horses, a handball court and even home movies of Elvis' trips to Hawaii. You also can interact with all kinds of archival footage and artifacts of the King. You get the feeling that Graceland has been put together with TLC - and a sense of fun. You get the feeling that Paisley Park is presented more like Prince's personal life than his music - it's guarded, protective and airbrushed. Bonuses On the VIP tour, you get to visit both of Elvis' private jets; an exhibit in which photographers talk about shooting the King; a behind-the-scenes look at archiving Elvis (with a video featuring Marchese in a storage warehouse); a mini-museum dedicated to Elvis in Hawaii, and a massive auditorium of vehicles including his Cadillacs (one purple, one pink).


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