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It was impressive mainly as a reminder that David is a clever singer-songwriter and absolutely fantastic singer. But for the second half, the band left the stage, the frontman took over a laptop and mixing desk, and for the next hour sang and rapped his way through a fast, bold and thrilling mix of dance tracks, old and new, brow furrowed in multi-tasking concentration. A second lighting rig descended to blast and strobe the O2 until it was seething like a warehouse club on New Years Eve. It was an exciting garage set that threw tentacles back to the 90s techno, reggae and US RnB that formed the basis of the UK two-step sound David was once the fresh faced poster boy for, and reached forward to contemporary pop and hip hop. But David has a trick up his sleeve few DJs can match his own swaggering musical ability. Expertly riding the mixers, dropping out the beat as he sang and rapped along, he turned it into DJ karaoke of the very highest order, blending his own hits with the likes of Drake , Sean Paul, TLC and Justin Bieber . View photos Craig David in concert in March 2017 Credit: Graham Harries/REX/Shutterstock More I have a feeling David has been hard done by in British pop culture, certainly by critics but also by the music business in general. Emerging as a multi-million selling transatlantic smash teenage prodigy at the turn of the millennium, he was nominated for seven BRITS in 2001 and walked away empty handed.

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